What Is Christening or Baptism

Christening is a sacred rite and considered to either be a sacrament or ordinance that welcomes a new baby into the Christian community. Most traditions that practice this type of infant baptism require that the rite be performed under the direction of an ordained member of the clergy, although some traditions allow dedicated members to conduct the ceremony.

The significance of christening varies in different traditions. Many consider baby christening to be a means of establishing a covenant between the family and the local faith community to provide a safe environment of care and nurturing for the child as he or she grows up. As part of that covenant, the community promises to support the parents in raising the child using Christian principles, as well as teaching the child the basics of Christian belief and practice as understood by that particular community.

In some traditions, christening is also seen as the means of bestowing the Christian name on the new baby. While infants are provided with a legal name shortly after birth, the symbolism of a Christian name helps to affirm the recognition of the faith community of that name.

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Christening and Baptism Record Pages
Christening and Baptism Record Pages
Birth Record Pages
Birth Record Pages

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