Wedding Gift Bibles – Handcrafted Family Heirlooms

Here at LaPulia Studio, we are proud to offer our customers some the World’s best-made Wedding Gift Bibles. And with a handcrafted leather family heirloom, you can be sure that this Wedding Gift will be cherished and revered for generations to come. The wedding gift Bibles are the gifts that will keep on giving and will be a continues reminder and a symbol of Family unity, values, and legacy.

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The wedding gift Bibles also come with many Personalization and Customization options. Some of those options will be:

  1. Select your favorite Bible Version.
  2. Custom Bible cover (Size, Color, and Design).
  3. Add a Special Bible Dedication page.
  4. Bible Embossing with your Name or Monogram or a Special Symbol or Logo.

These Wedding Bible customization and personalization options are too numerous to mention them all. Out motto is: If you can dream it we can do it. Click here for questions.

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