Personalized Bibles is our Passion

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Personalized Bibles creation is our passion.

All of our Personalized Bibles are unique and exquisite in its’ design and craftsmanship.

Look no further, here at LaPulia Studio; you will find a wide variety of Personalized Bibles.

Add your family name or a congregation name to a Bible cover, add Personalized Title or Bible Dedication Page and use it as a gift for someone, add your Family History to the Bible pages or Christian Wedding Story and preserve it for many generations to come. These options are just a few Bible Personalizations options that are available to you.

Our imagination is our only limit in customizing and personalizing your Bible.

If you need our guidance on how to personalize your Bible, give us a call or email, and we will be happy to guide you through the entire process.

If however you do not find a Bible that speaks to you, we will gladly create Custom Bible designed just for you and your loved once.

Because our goal is to create Personalized Bibles that could be displayed as an art and at the same time can be used in everyday life, we use bookbinding methods and materials that make it extremely durable. This approach makes sure that every Bible we create, will withstand the test of extensive use and time.

Rest assured your Personalized Bible will last for many generations to come and will be cherished by your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren many years after, becoming a family legacy and treasure.

Look below for a list of Personalizable Leather Bibles and make your choice with confidence. Guaranteed to Last for Lifetimes.

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