Loose Leaf Study Bible

Looking for Loose Leaf Study Bible that can be used to store your Bible Study notes and sermons?

We can create a one-of-a-kind Loose Leaf Study Bible just for you.

Here at LaPulia Studio, you can be sure to find that Perfect and Personalized Loose Leaf Study Bible.

We pride ourselves on being able to create the best and most exquisite Loose Leaf Study Bibles in the world.

Made using archival grade materials, your Bible will last centuries to come.

Custom Made Bibles - Handcrafted Family Heirlooms
Custom Made Bibles – Handcrafted Leather Bound Family Heirlooms.

With our Loose Leaf Study Bible binding service, you’ll get the best of what bookbinding can offer. Your new Loose Leaf Study Bible will be custom-made using highest grade materials. This Bible is a great way to store all of your Bible Study notes, Sermons and other information: add your notes on the extra wide page borders or use the provided extra pages to print and insert your notes into the Study Bible itself.

On the outside, your Loose Leaf Study Bible will look and feel like a traditional Leather Bound Bible, but on the inside, it will be easy to use and convenient for your work with. You will be able to add and remove pages, add new pages using the extra sheets we provide for you, just get one of the sheets print or write on it and then add it back in. Everything is organized and easy to locate with the included bookmarks.

Just like with our traditionally bound Leather Bibles, the materials we use are guaranteed to last for many generations. With our labor warranty, your new Loose Leaf Study Bible can and will become a family heirloom that you can pass along to children and grandchildren, thus creating a legacy of your own.

With almost unlimited Bible customization and personalization options, our imagination is our only limit. Add your family or congregation name, crest, or both, on the Bible cover, gold stamping, and custom table of contents are just a few options which we offer. And what’s best most of them are already included in the price.

Feel free to look through our Loose Leaf Bible Collection. If your have any questions, please call or email us and we would love to help you.


Thank you.

LaPulia Studio, Inc.



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