Looking for a Custom Bible? – Custom Bible Cover Designs and Custom Bible Binding is our Specialty.

Custom Bible Cover Designs and Custom Bible Binding is our Specialty.

Here at LaPulia Studio we are honored and proud to be a leading Custom Bible Cover Design and Custom Bible Book-Binding studio.

With experience starting from June 2005 and thousands of satisfied customers, we can create your perfect Custom Bible. Whatever you envision your Custom Bible to be.

First: we listen to what you desire to have on your new Customized Bible cover. (embossing, ornament or special seal, Family Crest, family or congregation name on the cover, Bible cover color and etc.)

Second: we guide you in creating this perfect Bible Cover.

Third: we gather information you would like to include in your Custom Bible. (example will be: Title Page, Dedication Page, Christian Wedding Story, Family History, Your Baby Story, Family Pictures and Family Tree, Baptism and Christenings Records this are just some of the options for you to consider)

Fourth: we present you with designs and when you love them, we make your Custom Bible for you.

Although sometimes it may sound intimidating and daunting or expensive to do something like this. Let us assure you, we will guide you through the entire process. When all of this is done, you will be surprised, how inexpensive and easy it was.

As a side Note: please remember all of our custom Bibles made using Genuine Leather and Archival Grade Acid Free materials, and Guaranteed to last for many generations to come. Also when you need another copy of your Custom Bible we can make as many us you need at any time.

However if you like you can choose from one of our featured designs, Personalise and Customise your Bible any way you like.

Thank you, And we are looking forward to serve your Bible Book Binding Needs.

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