Build a Bible

Build a Bible – Create Personalized Custom Family Heirloom Bible.

Build A Bible

With LaPulia Studio, you can Build a Bible. And make this a pleasant and exciting experience. Our most important principle in this whole process is: – ‘if you can think it, we can do it”. Our goal is to make sure that you get the Bible of your dreams.

We want your new Bible to become your family heirloom and be revered and cherished for many generations to come.

To accomplish this goal and achieve a top quality of our product, we start with highest-grade materials we can find.

We use only:

a. genuine calf or cow skin leather,

b. Acid-free archival grade cotton or parchment paper,

c. Acid-free, non-toxic glue,

d. Select grade high tensile strength linen thread for sewing,

e. detoxified and acid-free bookbinding board for the cover,

f. latest in printing technology to get the top grade durable print.

Every Bible we create is hand-crafted step by step to perfection. During each phase, a Master Bookbinder inspects and supervises process to ensure superior quality work. At first glance, it looks complicated and hard, but we will guide you through and make the whole thing easy, fun and exciting.

If you decide to make your own Bible with us, we will make sure you get the Bible you came here to get.

Build a Bible Cover Options:

* Bible Size – you can pick any size you like.
* Select Bible Version or Addition you most familiar with ( KJV, ESV, NESV, ASV, etc..)
* Leather Color.
* Gold Gilding / Silver Gilding – or you can choose any other color.
* Leather Embossing – imprint you family or congregation crest.
* Gold / Silver / Any Color hot stamping.
* Book Marks.
* Print Size – you can ask for large print for easier reading.
* Bible illustrations with you family pictures.
* Include your family history in the Bible.
* Add your Love story or Wedding story to the Bible.
* Add Bible Storage Box.

These are just a some of the suggestions we can offer you.

As part of Build a Bible service we always include: Birth Registry pages, Family Tree pages, Baptism / Christening Registry pages, Wedding Registry pages, Bible Ownership Registry pages, Death Registry pages.


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